There is no need to build houses for ex-presidents

Dear Editor, please allow me to air my views through your publication.
I strongly feel there is no need for us to be building houses for our presidents when they retire or when they are late. Look at RB, he ruled only for three years and we need to build him a house. Mr Sata may only lead for one term and we will need to build him a house. How many houses are we going to build in 20years and with which money?
Some of these things can be done away with if only our leaders were selfless. Mr sata has a nice house in Rhodes Park. RB too has a beautiful house in Kabulonga so why can’t they go back to their respective houses when they retire or better off to their villages so that we can learn from them? Dr Chiluba and Dr Mwanawasa (may their souls rest in peace) are nolonger with us, so why are we going to build houses for people that have departed? If the houses are build for Dr Chiluba and Dr Mwanawasa respectively, who is going to occupy them? Is it the widow or the children considering that both families have what we call step children or step mothers. This issue of building houses for former presidents dead or alive should be done away with completely.
Moono.K. Siamundele

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