There is no PF in Mpongwe -area chief

CHIEFTAINESS Malembeka of Mpongwe district says there is no campaign for the PF on the Copperbelt because the party is not on the ground. According to sources who attended a closed-door meeting she held with acting President Dr Guy Scott when he visited her palace on Thursday, chieftainess Malembeka expressed concern about the PF’s absence on the ground. “We are not seeing any campaigns for the PF here and if this is what is happening across the country, then the party should forget about winning next week’s elections. We don’t see these leaders here. We only see them when a high-profile individual like yourself [acting President Scott] visits,” chieftainess Malembeka said. Acting President Scott was accompanied to the palace by sports minister Chishimba Kambwili and his agriculture counterpart, Wylbur Simuusa, among others. In response, Dr Scott wondered what people like Copperbelt Province PF chairman Sturdy Mwale were doing if the party’s campaigns were not visible. And in an interview, Kambwili acknowledged the chief’s concerns, saying it was the responsibility of individual PF members of parliament to mobilise the party in their constituencies. “Of course, the chief did allude to the fact that the PF has not been on the ground. That is the reason why we went there, so as to consolidate the party’s campaigns in the area. The local campaign team has been campaigning except they have not been visiting the chief to report their presence. We need to intensify our campaigns,” said Kambwili. Acting President Scott and his delegation later held a meeting at Ibenga where he warned employers against victimising their workers who want to exercise their right to vote on Tuesday. Mirriam Mwanawasa, who attended the meeting, called on the people of Lambaland to vote for PF candidate Edgar Lungu. 


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