There is no president in Zambia currently – Bishop Chihana

There is no president in Zambia currently – Bishop Chihana


The people of Zambia need to be told the position of our current situation in our country of who is running this nation in the absence of a number of key validation pronouncements
As Zambia stands today, we do not have an elected Head of State because of the following reasons that i Bishop Simon Chihana have seriously observed :

My observations are that; After the Constitutional Court threw out the petitioners submissions, they never declared as a ConCourt who the winner was.

2. The Chief Justice has also remained mute over this very serious and sensitive matter without declaring the winner.
Upon these two factors, I can strongly say that Zambia has been without a Head of State from 11th August to date, and if there is one acting, such a one is working illegally and has taken advantage of the peaceful people of our country, who always demonstrate this peace even in the times of bereavements such as when we lost sitting Presidents like Dr. Levy P. Mwanawasa and Mr. Michael C. Sata.

And another reason for the peace around us is because of the ignorance that many Zambians have pertaining to governance.
Having said the above, i wish to tell the nation that, it was very ILLEGAL for the Secretary to the Cabinet to set the date for the Inauguration of our next Head of State, without first having our honorable Lady the Chief Justice announce the one who has been duly elected to rule this nation. We can presumptuously say that the CJ has her hands tied due to the ConCourt outcome of the petition which invalidates the Secretary to the Cabinet to set the date for inauguration and leaves us the Zambian people and the international community to wonder which way forward and what is next and who handles what for Zambia.

IFCC – President

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