There is no security in the country, says HH

ZAMBIA-VOTE-NOMINATIONBy Chali Mulenga in Livingstone-Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) President, Hakainde Hichilema has described the violence by cadres from the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) as kicks of a dying horse.

President Hichilema speaking to journalist after the public rally in maramba ward, Livingstone, he said the violence was a clear indication that there was no security in the country as it was threatened by the cadres.

He said it was unfortunate that the country was going back to the Kaunda days when cadres used violence to suppress people with opposing views.

Opposition leader advised the MMD to stop violence so when the PF UPND pact comes into power they would focus on development.

President Hichilema reminded the MMD that the pact had more cadres and if it would not ideal for politics of confrontation.

He said the violence was unacceptable especially that it was being done in full view of the president.

Hichilema condemned the political violence that was going on during the campaigns through out the country.

He said the pact did not want violence want but wanted peace to prevail in the country.

The opposition leader however urged his supporters to remain claim and advised Shikapwasha not to bring militilarism into the country as when they was coup he was the first one to run away.

And speaking earlier during the rally president said the by- elections in the country were a get way to the 2011 election.

He said the MMD was under pressure from the pact, and that was why they were panicking.

He said MMD government had brought a lot of suffering for the people in Livingstone as all the factories had been closed.

He added that MMD had stopped loving the people of Livingstone and wondered why they should be put into office.

He describes the politics that the MMD was exhibiting as politics of foolishness.

He urged people to vote the pact as the leaders in the pact had the know how of making money like him as the MMD had failed to bring development to the country. And that there was need to run the country in business lines.

He said people were tired of being cheated and that Livingstone needs development.

Meanwhile Hichilema described Daniel Munkombwe as a late maturing variety if he was cob of maize and noted that it is unfortunate that he describes politics as a game and adding that when someone is old even wisdom lacks.

He said president Banda and Munkombwe should worry when the pact comes into government as they would be given their retirement packages.
Meanwhile, the MMD have complained over the beating of their cadres that strayed into a PF UPND pact organized rally yesterday.
MMD officials that spoke to the watch dog on condition of anonymity said that they were simply trying to put final touches to their campaigns in the area.

The source said there was no alternative route to the area where they wanted to go and campaign.

The senior official said the PF UPND pact should not have called the “big fish” to small bye ward election in marimba, Livingstone.

The official said it was un reasonable for the police to allow them (the pact) to hold the rally in that area.

When reminded about the distance that they were supposed to keep away from the rally the official said they was no alternative route.

The official was at pains to justify why the cadres conducted themselves in such a manner.

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