There is no specific confession from Mwamba, arresting officer tells court

Alfred Foloko, the policeman prosecuting Emmanuel Mwamba today told the court that there is no specific confession by Emmanuel Mwamba in Amos Malupenga’s transcript or recording that he wrote the articles.
Foloko was speaking during cross-examination in the case in which Mwamba is alleged to have authored two documents deemed contemptuous as they were analyzing evidence of murder accused Mathew Mohan.
Mwamba denies that he is the author or publisher of the said documents. Mwamba was detained following a letter of complaint by editor Amos Malupenga to the chief of police and copied to Judge Gregory Phiri and Judge Philip Musonda. Mwamba spent seven days in jail before he was granted bail.
During cross-examination by Mwamba’s lawyer John Sangwa, Foloko said that most of his information came from post managing editor Amos Malupenga and PAZA vice president Amos Chanda. He said that he never verified with Mwamba.
He told the court that ZICTA told him that the computer that created the articles was registered to a William. He said that he never checked Mwamba’s computer. He said he reached the conclusion that Mwamba was the author without talking to him. In re-examination, Foloko said he did not rely on Malupenga’s information but on his own investigations.
Foloko also told the court that he was told that Malupenga recorded Mwamba without authority or consent.
At the time of writing this article, PAZA vice president Amos Chanda had just taken the stand to testify the prosecutors.

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