There is no water to generate electricity, ZESCO says

There is no water to generate electricity, ZESCO says


ZESCO says the floods that the country experienced this rainy season is not enough for ZESCO to generate enough electricity. According to ZESCO, the Zambezi river is still empty and therefore, load shedding of up to 10 hours every day will continue.

What this means is that , since the rainy season has ended, ZESCO will not generate enough power this year.

Zesco claims that currently, water levels at the dam stands at 22.16 percent compared to about 35 percent recorded same period last year.

Zesco Director Generation Fidelis Mubiana said this at Kariba North Bank Power Station in Siavonga when he presented what he referred to as a report on Water Situation & Power Production to journalists on Friday.

“The 2019/20 Hydrological season begun on 1 October 2019. The 2019/2020 rainfall season performed above average for most parts of the country except a few areas in the southern part. Inflows into the Lake Kariba reservoir remained poor up until Mid-March 2020 when it exceeded the comparable Long Term Mean, the 2014/15 and 2018/19 hydrological years, The period Mid-March to date, the lake received reasonably high inflows with a peak of 4149 m3/s on 31 March 2020 with the expected second peak yet to occur,” said Mr. Mubiana.

“2019 End Of Year Reservoir level was 476.69 m above sea level which is 8% of the Live Storage. Projected 2020 end of year reservoir level will be advised by Zambezi River Authority (ZRA).”

Last year, the PF regime increased electricity tariffs by more than 200 percent saying this will guarantee electricity to every Zambian. They don’t talk about these so called ‘cost effective tariffs’ anymore .

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