There is nothing special or new about ‘link Zambia’


There is a problem in this country and that problem is that people don’t make follow –ups to such developmental issues carefully. There is nothing new about the link Zambia project. This project started under the Mwanawasa regime to Rupiah Banda and now Miichael Sata govt. ,Rupiah did the link Zambia 2000 which was concerned with township roads, but we still voted him out you know?

This is because people didn’t see the benefits trickle down to them. Even when govt is building roads people are not any better than they were under MMD. That’s a fact unless u r trying to swallow chilli sauce and pretend its honey. Linking Zambia is a tip of an iceberg that is aimed at improving peoples lives, hence it won’t be the panacea to all of our problems cause when others are dying due to lack of proper health facilities others are flying out to get the best funded by our taxes. when pupils in Shan’gombo are sitting on the floor with this cold, someone tells us MP’s are justified to claim for an increment; when others are working so hard to maintain the peace that we’ve enjoyed for years, others are allowed to shelela with dangerous weapons in broad day light without someone getting concerned. NCZ retirees were told they would receive there pension; Zamtel workers were told they would be called back, where they? Nurses were promised a lot did they fulfil? Or maybe all the money’s have been channelled to link Zambia. I would’ve believed that if they didn’t increase there allowances immediately they got into government. The list of failures and unequal distribution of resources is endless. I want them to pull up there socks because there is a bit of hope still hanging in there. For me the constitution is the master plan that will try and improve people lives to a great extent. That’s my opinion.


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