There is now blue and green PF, says GBM

There is now blue and green PF, says GBM

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has observed that the current PF administration is very different from the PF which formed Government under the leadership of late President Michael Sata.

12238173_1012163095502758_1969451125477194463_oHe was speaking Sunday afternoon when he featured on a special Burning Issue radio program on 5 FM.

Mwamba also labeled the PF administration under President Edgar Lungu as a flop.

He said the current PF under President Lungu is different from the one that existed during the time of late President Sata.

‘May President Sata who is my mentor rest in peace, the man took me through the a lot of political lessons and that is why today I am one of the most outstanding politicians in Zambia but I will tell you about PF today, there is PF blue and PF Green,’ Mr Mwamba said.

He added, ‘The PF which is in power today is not the PF the people elected, the PF of today is now MMD, can you see the cabinet ministers appointed today? These are the Ministers we were fighting? Dora Siliya at some pointed insulted Sata and GBM when she came for a bye election in Kasama, Dr Kaingu tore Sata’s speech in Parliament right in our eyes.’

He said a lot of things have gone wrong under President Lungu adding that governance under the PF has crumbled including all key sectors of the economy.

‘Even if I was serving in PF today, I would have resigned out of principle, i would not have worked with Hon Siliya and Hon Kaingu.’

Mr Mwamba added, ‘Governance under the PF is a total flop, they don’t even know whether they are going backwards or sideways but let us not cry about spilt milk, we should move forward, we have 2016 to come, Zambians I have interacted with have realised that it is time to change government.’

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