There is too much intellectual poverty in Zambia

By Bill Chanda

Government should introduce logic as a subject in schools…

I see a lot of intellectual poverty in people. In Zambia intelligence is measured by passing exams, which entails cramming, but no learning (development of the mind to think beyond) takes place.

No wonder 95% of people go to school to get a job instead of inventing one. Sad but call me what you can most of us a dull and parrots of Biology or chemistry class with very shallow and limited thinking.

I challenge you fellow youth to begin to open your minds and think outside the box. Question everything, question your parents let them be accountable how they keep you, you not a property, question your teachers at school and college and university. They also bloody ignorant and know little.

Question your beliefs too. Most of you are Christian because you were born in that family but in behaviour you are just pagans who drink and fornicate. I am not saying its right to live like a pagan but if you say you gonna be a Christian be serious coz Christians today buy all the condoms and finish beer at COMESA market…refine your beliefs and be your own person, don’t let society think for you, think independently or you will die in poverty and misery living a common boring life. Dare to be different…2016 we as the youth will decide our future? Question the government and hold our leaders accountable..2011 people got carried away shouting donch kubeba and now see the effect. Today I checked the net and the dollar is 6.2-6.3 fuel is 10.74 jus put it 11. There is a wage freeze meaning little will be done and the government is not jus borrowing money stupidly saying they launching 1 billion dollar euro bond. Proud beggers..50 years down the line we still not independent, we still thinking like villagers….I challenge you to wake up and see reality for what it not saying we blindly embrace HH or Chipimo or Frank Bwalya..what am saying is the youth must start thinking! Think bane, think think think..not jus posting fancy pictures on facebook..Let’s use this as a tool to bring about revolution and change.

Am tired of seeing dull youth, parrots if shallow education, hero in beer with no sense of purpose or direction!

Let’s break free of this slavery and work hard…Japan is a secular nation, compare it to Christian Nation Zambia where leaders are always in court for theft, abortion among church going youth is rampart as hell.. You can call me what you want but something is wrong somewhere, we need a revolution, of thought, of attitude towards work and know the right time do recreation…am it is 99 percent of youths are zombies with very indoctrinated minds…am sorry to upset so many but I refuse to follow blindly and to be chained in a system that doesn’t set free but makes more prisoners…you can either wake up or continue to follow blindly. The choice is yours…..

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