There is too much intolerance under PF – Fr Chola

There is too much intolerance under PF – Fr Chola

CATHOLIC priest Fr Kennedy Chola says the fall of  Edgar Lungu will be caused by bootlickers surrounding him.

And Fr Chola says giving critical advise to President Edgar Lungu does not mean that the Head of State of PF is hated.
In an interview, Fr Chola said there was no tolerance in the PF, which could foster national dialogue.
The PF is lacking in providing national dialogue. The problem is that there is no intra-party dialogue in PF. The conduct of PF leaders is showing serious signs of dictatorship. There is no tolerance in PF today,
Fr Chola said.

The fall of  Lungu will be caused by the bootlickers he is surrounded with. Having people who just say ‘yes bwana’ on anything is dangerous for a leader of the nation; it will be a disaster. Bootlickers change overnight and President Lungu will have no one to stand with.

He said President Lungu needs members within the PF that could criticise him. Fr Chola said great leaders took critical views as guiding principles.

Look at how Jacob Zuma is criticised in South Africa! Even MPs from his ANC party attack him when he makes a mistake. That is a mark of a good and listening leader. Zuma is called names, but he does not show any emotions. I wonder if President Lungu can be a leader in South Africa. Leadership is about tolerance,

he said.

“The manner you treat people within yourselves reflects how outsiders can be treated. This tension we have in the nation is also growing rapidly in the PF. Tolerance is a great sign of good leadership.”

Fr Chola also said people who gave critical advice to President Lungu should not be viewed as enemies.

We have a challenge in giving advice to the President. If one speaks critical of the President, you are considered an enemy. This is no right and the President should think again. We don’t have any hatred for the President. We just want him to do the right thing for the Zambian people. We are a democratic country that needs to provide checks and balances to the President,
said Fr Chola.

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