There is too much Satanism in Mazabuka-Pastor

A Mazabuka District based clergyman Peter Daud has called on the church in the district to unite and declare war on Satanism which has reached alarming proportions.

Evangelist Daud, of Life Transforming Ministries International, told ZANIS in Mazabuka today it is  regrettable to note that teenagers especially girls were being recruited in satanism activities by powerful people in the district.

He said the church should rise to the challenge and defeat the devil who has managed to infiltrate society by sowing seeds of discontent.

The clergyman said the frequent road traffic accidents and divorces being experienced in the district are as a result of satanism.

Evangelist Daud observed that the level of satanism especially in learning insitutions deserve serious prayers by all the churches.

He said recently over 14 boys and girls confessed their participation in satanism during the healing prayers he held.

Evangelist Daud said because of revelations by the boys and girls, his church conducted prayers at a dangerous spot which has of late claimed several lives in the central business district but has reduced on road traffic accidents.

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