There is total political repression in Zambia

There is total political repression in Zambia

After the successful electoral fraud of 2016, general elections courtesy of electoral commission of Zambia, I submitted in one of my long length article that injustice is very costing especially to poor country’s like Zambia. My argument was based on what I foresaw after such an election. I knew that after that compromised electoral process, the next thing Zambians were going to experience was a total political repression through recognition by force.

Furthermore, I submitted that the UPND president Mr Hichilema Hakainde was partially in charge because he continued enjoying the support from citizens even after the questionable election we had. But those who failed to think outside the box disputed and even insulted me because they failed to understand the context of legitimacy in politics.

After the 2016, general election we saw all public media houses and some compromised private media houses flashing out propaganda in their news tabloids just to justify and cover the disappointing elections Zambia held.

And again, I challenged them that no matter what happened their propaganda was going to fail at some point to defeat the voices of majority Zambians.

Indeed people continued questioning the authentication of the 2016 general elections results and up to date people have continued refusing to accept the elections results for well known reasons by everyone including those ECZ officials who kept on announcing fake/ unverified results and only to give a popcorn apology to citizens and they went aheard to declare someone a winner without correcting the mistakes they made.This marked the beginning of injustice in Zambia and we have seen it growing now.

Political repression is the persecution of an individual or group within society for political reasons, particularly for the purpose of restricting or preventing their ability to take part in the political life of a society thereby reducing their standing among their fellow citizens.

Political repression is very evil and undemocratic act, it often manifestes through discriminatory policies, such as human rights violations,public order act mismanagement, surveillance abuse, police brutality, questionable imprisonment and charges, stripping of citizen’s rights and violent action or terror such as the murder, torture, forced disappearance and other extra judicial punishment of political activists and the general population with a motive of expecting everyone to sing yes “bwana” to an individual or a few group of people who wants to suppress others for exercising their democratic rights.

My friends take note that where political repression is sanctioned and organised by the state, it may constitute state excess force, human rights violations, politicized crimes against humanity and vulnerable citizens. A systemic and violent political repression is a typical feature of dictatorships and totalitarian states.

Therefore I totally agree with Jacob Zuma, president of south Africa who said a government that rushes to arrest its rivals/opposition members for protesting cannot be a democracy country. That is very true, because it is only in totalitarian states were arresting of opposing views is very common.

Today we should know that we live in a society of intolerance where we despise one another on the basis of personal, ethnicity, political and religious differences. We are in the era of the nosy neighbor.

And to be honest , one’s business has become everybody’s business in our land were others few they can’t work not until they are recognized by perceived losers. A great intolerance has emerged in our society as though we are in a war zone at an expense of those claiming to be in charge slotting in national development. One that has been cultivated by a growing sense of entitlement and a self righteousness.

A false belief that our own values and ideals are somehow superior to those of the rest of the larger population and as such everyone must conform to them or otherwise be caged and slapped with questionable treason charges has been created and implemented in our land.

Shame on us as Zambians, we have become a society of entitled monopoly. We scowl on those who mock our ways even when we claim to be the owner of the eagles heard, preaching hypocritical words of ‘tolerance” “peace” “love” “unit “and “respect of rule of law ”, yet we are quick to mock and torture others who differ from us.The cowardly internalization of everyone else’s personal choices and beliefs must come to an end in this nation because it is not helpful at all.

If Some one makes a choice to cover one’s body is not an attack against you or your freedom or beliefs. Someone’s choice of political opinions does not affect your choice of faith and political opinion no. We are all free to decide how to live our lives because our forefathers struggled for our freedom. Why should Zambia today go back to colonial days when the freedom of speech,assembly, movements and association was a serious crime that attracted treason charges?

Please agents of political repression leave citizens alone so that everyone can make choices based on their values and principles and no one has a right to claim offense over another’s personal political choices or opinions.

It is a complete and utter outrage that seeing someone live their lives and make choices in a way that does not align with our personal values causes us anger and treat them like animals using all sorts of intimidations, why keeping fellow citizens over two weeks in police cells without a trial? Why charging fellow citizens with charges that don’t hold substantial evidence?

Please those with persecution agendas in Zambia take note that we are each individually responsible for our own choices and you don’t have any right to shove our ideals down other peoples throats each and every minutes that passes by. Because many citizens don’t wish to share this undemocratic view with you.

As a result of political persecution which is the order of the day in Zambia, poverty continues to be rampant in our communities, because the whole attention is on those perceived to be hardcore criminals like president Hichilema and his members when the guilty ones are roaming the streets freely.

Yes injustice has started yielding negatively for Zambia now, we planted a bad seed through ECZ which came to concourt and the entire judiciary and the seed has germinated in our land eating us like army Worms in a maize field.

Look at this fact! huge sums of moneys is being spent just to fix the injustice the electoral commission of Zambia well managed through organising a successful fraudulent election.

And now since the Zambian judiciary seems to have no capacity to end injustice in Zambia, excess force is being exerted against innocent citizens by the police.

But one should remember that police brutality and political repression that is currently being exerted on those with different political opinions will never end the challenges we are going through as a nation, instead let there be a proper way of correcting the mess the electoral commission of Zambia in collaboration with others deliberately caused.



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