There will be bloodshed if demos go ahead, other NGOs declare

Zambia police at work

Zambia police at work

Authentic advocate for justice and democracy has advised the police not to give a police permit to the consortium of eighteen civil society organizations planning to demonstrate against the acquittal of second republican president Frederick Chiluba.

Speaking this morning during a press briefing organization Secretary-General Laiford Mwanza warned that if police give the eighteen civil society organizations a police permit to hold demonstration then the thirty civil society organizations that are in support of Chiluba’s acquittal will mobilize and counterattack the demonstrators.
According to QFM, he said that allowing the demos will cause untold bloodshed and the police will be the ones to blame for the bloodshed.
Mwanza maintained that the eighteen civil society organizations are sponsored by donors to destabilize government.
The eighteen NGOs are scheduled to hold their series of countrywide peaceful demonstrations starting tomorrow.
However police have not yet made it public on whether they will be given a permit or not.
And the same Consortium of NGOs, churches, trade unions and concerned citizens has denounced the planned demonstrations against the acquittal of former President, Frederick Chiluba.

The consortium, which met at Lusaka’s ZAMCOM Lodge on Thursday called on all Zambians to respect the court’s verdict in the case involving Dr.Chiluba.

It also resolved to discourage citizens from participating in activities that have potential to destabilize the nation.

Bible Gospel Church in Africa Overseer, Bishop Peter Ndhlovu called for action against people agitating anarchy.

World Baptist Churches Association Founder, Bishop Billy Bwanali said people should focus on praying for the government of the day and not pushing for agendas that may divide the nation.

And National Union of Commercial and Industrial Workers President, Seth Paradza, said President Rupiah Banda must be supported in his efforts to reconcile the nation.

Evangelical Youth Alliance President Mose Lungu said Zambia’s peace should not be disturbed by a few members of the civil society championing foreign agendas.

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