‘There will be change of government on 2021’

‘There will be change of government on 2021’


By: Anthony Bwalya.

Judging by the long queues and the enthusiasm of members of the public to turn out in numbers and register to vote, it is very clear that come 2021, there SHALL be a change of government.

Zambians are NOT braving the sweltering heat, long queues and all associated delays so that they can come and endorse the failed leadership of the PF for another 5 years.

Zambians are determined to say NO to the following:

1. The use of public infrastructure development as an avenue for the PF to contract illegal loans and steal public resources

2. The destruction of the economy through organized and government sponsored cartels in the energy sector, agricultural sector, mining sector and others…

3. High mealie meal prices

4. High cost of living

5. The withdrawal of meal allowances for students

6. High taxes

7. High fuel prices

8. Unprecedented unemployment for the youth

9. Failure to pay retirees pensions benefits

10. High cost of fertilizer and other farming inputs

11. Death of the Kwacha

12. Politicization and takeover of the civil service by PF cadres

13. Politicization and takeover of markets by PF cadres

14. Suppression of democratic freedoms and false arrests of political opponents and human rights defenders

15. Deterioration of working conditions for nurses, doctors and teachers

16. Lack of essential medicines and equipment in public clinics and hospitals

The list is endless.

In 2021, Zambians will be saying no to the hostile takeover of our country by criminal, mafia cartels aided by the PF regime.


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    No need of speculation, we the voters will soon speak, and very loudly

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    Bo MUNYENGE MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

    Anthony Bwalya and your little god HH will cry like hyenas when they kiss cow dung come 2021 infintu ni Lungu. ECL stand stands for the development and prosperity of Zambia and HH stand for privatization of the remaining state resources.Which Zambian can entrust HH with state house? unless if that person doesnt love himself.

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    Now that You have killed Bill 10, which would have helped you to petition in 2021. You are finished

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    There will be no change of Government in 2021. Just get ready for the 6th loss.
    We shall repay all our debt. Load shedding is ending just like farming inputs are gone. Lusaka and other Towns are now a Marvel to drive in. What else do you want. JUST GET READY TO FACE HIM IN 2021

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      Zambians’ enthusiasm of forming long queues and braving the swelering heat to register is that they want to come and show all the Prophets of doom with a landslide victory for ECL in 2021.
      Even the people of Dundumweze have realized that they were mislead last time. They have seen that Lungu means we’ll.
      That’s why people are turning up in numbers to register.
      They said PF meant (Paya Farmer) but is that the case now? They said people will not eat roads, can say it now. They talked about Load Shedding, will they say this again? Now they are running to “Third term” All the language is finished.
      People are braving the sweltering heat shut you up, once and for ALL.
      keep celebrating Bill 10. It’s almost a year to go.