There will be no sympathy vote for PF this time – Sampa

PF Matero MP Miles Sampa has admitted that UPND is the strongest opposition political party which is threatening the ruling party stay in power.

According to information availed to the Watch Dog by PF cadres, Sampa said PF must be wary of losing elections this year to the opposition if no proper planning is done.


He told ruling party members in Kasama during his recent visit that PF should brace itself for a tough election in August.

“The coming elections will be tough. The only opposition threat we have is the UPND,” Sampa said.

He also said President Lungu won last year’s presidential election because of a sympathy vote.

Sampa charged that without the sympathy vote after the death of president Michael Sata, PF would have been booted out of power.

“If we in PF don’t campaign vigorous we won’t win the coming elections. In the last elections, we won through a sympathy vote,” Sampa charged.

Sampa said the August general elections will be won by a political party that will have a clear vision for Zambia.

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