They have started printing money

Dear editor

Operation Print more money has commenced barely a week after the firing of the BOZ governor…

The 1600 is coming from where???

They are just printing nothing else…


Am very much worried about this kind of mindset our leaders have. They are more concerned about politics than the lives of people.
At the moment we have serious problem with the economy which has affected everyone in one way or another. Electricity tariffs are high, mealie meal and groceries prices are high. The cost of living is very hard. Some workers have not been paid their salaries for months now.
My suggestion is why can’t the government chanel the same money they are dishing out in helping stabilize the economy more especially reducing the cost of mealie meal or electricity tariffs or pay the workers who have not received what they labored for? This will help all the citizens benefit. I feel it’s unfair.

If the government is genuinely giving out the money, what are the NRC numbers for? Whatever it is genuine or not genuine, I feel the government should work on improving the economy unlike worsting money trying to buy people’s votes. Carders are the ones benefiting in all this.


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