They locked me up for no reason

They locked me up for no reason

On June 1st, 2019 I was at the station in Chingola town trying to get on a taxi when a former workmate at U&M Mining Contractor approached me saying he had confirmed that I was one of them owing him about K5,700.00 for his friends/ relatives whom I had promised to employee since he claimed that I was one of the HR’s working there. The conversation almost broke into a fight so I quickly suggested we head to police instead and resolve it from there. Whilst there, he managed to file in his complaint and this time changed statement indicating that the total owed to him is K7,500 meaning K1,500 for each application then surprisingly, without hearing my side was ordered to remove my shoes and thrown in the cells. About three hours later was called by one officer at Mulenga Police in his office and present was also the complainant (former workmate) who gave his side of the story as above and after that it was my turn. They told me to either yes or no to the claims and each time I made efforts to explain was warned. I didn’t understand as the complainant never gave details of the same five people (in case anyone knows any of them kindly give me details), wasn’t even sure what he was saying, making me wonder how someone he can wait for seven years before filing in a complaint against me. All his closest friends are also wondering since he has never complained to either of them about the same. Well, it’s a known thing by everyone who knows me that I never and still don’t entertain money in exchange for Jobs and this Man was not even someone I was close to in those days.

Later on that day after many heard about my story and about ten people attempted to try and sign bail for me but they were told I can only be released only after admitting to claims by the complainant and the officer further added he will ensure they do finger prints get me locked up destroy my career and future prospects. When I noticed how they wanted to make life difficult for me and the calls/texts I made calls to some senior officials to assist but yielded no results, had no option but to say yes the following day, just to come out of that filthy cell with no electricity/ open windows and filled with criminals. I know some officers deserves praise like at the same station who helped me meet visitors anytime and highly commend them for that but some are not competent to help investigate and resolve allegations or do exemplary work service for the public. It’s a pity there are some people after destroying people’s reputation after all that they have worked for just to make money.

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