‘They plan to declare state of emergency’

‘They plan to declare state of emergency’

By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

I told a friend of mine yesterday, that once the acts of terrorism and killing of innocent citizens intensifies; and the gassing incidences go unhindered, coupled with sporadic riots, the state will have enough reason ( or excuse) to:

1. Suspend the Constitution

2. Suspend the enjoyment of key civil liberties such as freedoms of movement, assembly, speech; as well as the right to demonstrate and picket.

3. Use arbitrary, executive power to arrest opponents of the ruling party and government alike, without charge or due process

4. Justify rule by Presidential decree.

So, how would the above scenarios BENEFIT members of the OPPOSITION fraternity?

In both my high school and university days, it was the ability to analyse problem situations and predict outcomes that differentiated BAD students, AVERAGE students, GOOD students and EXCEPTIONAL students.

Can we be serious please.


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