They should all tell us how they got rich

Laura Miti writes:

Coming Soon – How I got Rich….

I agree with Musa Mwenye that since we are in the season of finding out how the wealthy made their money, we might as well do a thorough job.

I am hoping that President Lungu will show leadership and tell the nation how he made his millions.

Then we would, of course, expect that Minister Bowman Lusambo, who is the President’s most faithful disciple, will follow that lead and tell us how he went from being a cadre in blue overalls to a house needing 16 CCTV cameras and K2 million being pocket change, in a few short years.

It would also be most useful if Minister of Health, Chitalu Chilufya, could tell us how one makes K22million from a guest house.

Finally, Ministers Jean Kapata, Ronald Chitotela, Dora Siliya, Given Lubinda and Kampamba Mulenga can close the first round of declarations of sources of wealth.

We wait with bated breath..

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