Thief at Lusaka multi facility zone

Thief at Lusaka multi facility zone

Dear Editor.

There is a lot of issues at the Zone.

There is a this man Maxwell Zulu a civil servant in Kabwe engaged as Technical Manager at the same time a chief planner at Kabwe provincial Administration under planning.

The facts are that Mr. Zulu A chief Planner lied to his superiors at Kabwe Provincial admn by purporting to be on study leave when actually at the same time he is working on a temporal basis at the LSMFEZ as a Technical Manger. He is a government worker doing double tobela.He is getting two salaries, he is stealing from government.

Infact, Mr. Senkwe is standing in for him here in Kabwe, and they are not aware that Mr. Maxwell Zulu is also working with the LSMFEZ.

This is a very serious case that can lead to him being fired from government by PSMD.

You can call Mr. Senkwe on (0977) in Kabwe about this thief by public servant act.

These are the thieves in the PF government.

He is getting K 26,000 per Month. for the 6 months he has been there, he has STOLLEN about K 156k. He had a trip to Japan, and he has another one Next week. K50,000 per trip coming to K100,000.
Please editor expose this man, am ready to give u all the infor.

Infact this man was not part of the shorlisted candidates,  he was just called by a friend, the Interim MD, Mukela Lubasi, who is the most corrupt after having Dr Kamusaki fired by puppet Board which has been dissolved. He has also stollen.



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