Thief turns into a snake?

Police say they  have intensified investigations into a matter in which a suspected thief is reported to have turned into a snake.
On Sunday, a man bizarrely turned into a snake after he was caught attempting to steal from a piggery at a farm in Kafue District, an incident that shocked residents.
One of the two men found at the piggery is believed to have turned into a python
after the care taker at Kennedy Makonde farm in Solomboni area, Gift Michelo, apprehended him.
Mr Michelo is reported to have pounced on the man after seeing him and his accomplice hovering around the piggery but to his surprise the suspected thieve turned into a python, while the accomplice bolted.
The snake was eventually killed and burnt after Mr Michelo called for reinforcements from neighbours.
The incident happened around o1:00 hours on Sunday and the suspect has not yet been identified.
Lusaka Province police chief Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that there are no new developments in the case but police have stepped up investigations.

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