Thieves at Bursaries committee


Please expose these people who are heartless Mrs Ireen Chirwa and her sadistic co-worker hoodlums at the bursaries committee. I see stories all over of students from Russia and China who are paid late or complaining but even here in Zambia something similar is happening.

Some students at the university of Zambia (UNZA) have not been paid their just allowances; some as far back as term one and this is term two, two weeks before it ends. To make things worse they were told that they will not be paid the allowances of term one as it has already passed. Some have not been paid their project meal or accommodation allowances and every time students go there, they are told government has no money and to wait until the end of the term

How is that fair if they are told to wait for the term to end what are they supposed to live on or survive with in the meantime. And the money that they do not pay where does it go because government allocates for all students on bursary to whose pockets does the rest go?

Moreover, some students registered late because they were applying for bursary or increment/upgrade because the change from semester to term system came with almost double the amount students usually pay to register those who pay ZMW1500 were paying almost ZMW3000, those who pay 3000 minimum were now paying 6000 and those on self were now paying about 8000, furthermore because of the double intake of first years enrolled many were on self sponsorship and were therefore applying for BC because amounts like ZMW 20000 was js too much. Those people did not take this into account when refusing to give missed allowances. At CBU those who miss a terms allowance are paid the following term double. Where are they taking the money? Why are they taking so long to pay?

And why is it that when students go to their offices in long acres they are treated as though the money they are following is not theirs? It is a grant signed in contract between the student and the government and failure to give students their deserved money is breach of contract.

Sometimes its even so bad these officers treat students as if the money they are asking for is from their personal pockets or from their mothers bra. There one, who even goes to the extent of locking himself in his office just to avoid students. These people are not fair and need to be change their policies and something needs to be done please help

ZWD non understand the importance of confidentiality more than you do so please withhold all details and expose these people

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