Thieves break into OP offices, steal computers and documents

Thieves break into OP offices, steal computers and documents


In strange circumstances the Office of the President (Zambia Intelligence Security Services) building in Kabwe was broken into on Thursday last week and the thieves are said to have stolen some computers and documents.

The theft at the premises which is highly secured and located on Marshall Avenue opposite the minister’s has shocked some workers who suspect it is an inside job. The block houses the district and provincial intelligence offices.

“We have our own armed police, and even the opposite side there are armed policemen guarding the provincial administration offices so how can thieves gather courage to come in here?” wondered one worker.

Due to infiltration by political party cadres who have been offered jobs at the expense of professional intelligence officers, the organisation has become unreliable and suspicions among workers has grown because of having divided allegiance.

The investigation is being done, though secretly and some of the workers do not even know that there was a break-in.

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