Thieves grab cash being put into ATM

Four thieves armed with a pistol on Sunday got away with undisclosed amounts of cash after gaining access to the room housing the ATM at Standard Chartered Bank in Kitwe.

The incidence happened on Sunday 12th  January around 16:00 when the four approached the ATM room door which at the time was been replenished with cash from inside.

The four gained access by simply knocking on the door which was opened from inside. The guards were nowhere in sight as the thieves grabbed undisclosed amount of money which they put in their bag and walked away after locking the bank employees inside.

People where only alerted by the screaming of the bank employees inside but had a tough time opening the locked door.

The first police officer to reach the site appeared clueless and could only watch as civilians tried to gain access to the locked door.

Police sources say there is a CCTV but by today (Monday) evening, no one had been captured.

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