Thieves loot Zanaco ATM in Katete

Barely a week after fire gutted Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) Chipata branch, thieves have looted the same bank ‘s ATM in Katete, just about 100 km away.

Zanaco has no branch in Katete but operate an ATM just near the Post Office. The bank loads the ATM everyday with cash transported from Chipata everyday under heavy security.

Bank sources told the Watchdog that this morning (Thursday Oct 2, 2014) around 7 hours, robbers pounced on a bank official who was in the process of loading the money into the ATM.

The Bank official was only accompanied by a security guard armed with a baton, and when the official went inside the building to load the money, the guard remained outside. For some reason, there was no armed policeman as is standard procedure when transporting cash.

When the bank official went inside the building, two men carrying Zanaco identification cards appeared on the scene and told the guard that they are mangers from Lusaka. They gave the guard K100 and ordered him to go and buy airtime for them.

The guard hurried off as the robbers entered the building where the genuine Zanaco employee was loading money. They forced him to offload the money he had already loaded, grabbed the other stacks he still had and tied him before shoving him into one of the small rooms in the building. They fled with the money using an unregistered corolla.

When the security guard returned from looking for airtime, he started looking for the ‘officials’ but by this time word had gone round that there had been a robbery and people were starting to gather.

The guard went inside the building just to find the bank official tied and his mouth gagged.

By 20 hours local time, the police had not made any arrests and the amount stolen not yet known.

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