Thieves steal Samsung S4 handsets from Zamtel in Livingstone

Burglars last night store an undisclosed number of Samsung S4 handsets from a Zamtel store in Livingstone.

The thieves also broke into a Zesco centre, which is just opposite the Zamtel store but could not find anything to pick.

“The thieves cut open the iron sheet on the roof and entered the centers which are next to each other,’ said an employee of one of the affected centres.

They managed to steal S4 Samsung Galaxy phones and other accessories from the Zamtel Centre.

‘It looks like the iron sheet was cut by someone who knew the building very well because the cut they made was just in between Zesco and Zamtel centers and had access to the Zamtel store room,’ senior official told the Watchdog.

According to the same officials, last week Zamtel engaged some people to install a satellite dish at their centre.

‘So many of us suspect that the same guys who were installing the dish had marked the roof in advance. One of the installers has since been arrested for questioning,’ the official said.

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