Thieves terrorising Mporokoso district


Please help me air the grievances of the business people of Mporokoso district (Northern province). Thieves have broken into more than 15 shops in barely a week parting away with goods worth millions of kwacha. Has of the previous night alone, 5 shops have been broken into leaving some owners crying like children but unfortunately there is nobody to come to their rescue. What is more surprising is that despite cases being reported to police, nothing seems to be helping as all what they are saying is “we are investigating.” It is so disheartening that some locals are even contemplating of taking the law into their own hands should the thieves be caught one day. Others are even accusing them (police) of conniving with thieves. Are police officers only for traffic patrols or should they be bribed for them to help the people trace thieves? I believe you can help my people by letting the world know what they are going through. Hide my ID for my security purposes.

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