Thieving Antonio Mwanza talking less

Thieving Antonio Mwanza talking less


New PF die hard and gold digger Antonio Mwanza has landed himself in hot soup in the PF so soon when he stole huge amounts of money meant to bribe UPND Councillors in Eastern Province to resign their positions and cause by elections which PF would rig to win.

Antonio Mwanza and Davis Mwila received the loot from dictator Edgar Lungu’s fixer Kaizer Zulu to buy 12 UPND Councillors at K200,000 each. However Mwanza and Mwila only gave each councillor 20,000 and pocketed the rest prompting an internal investigation in the PF. Davis Mwila denied but pointed his finger at Antonio Mwanza who is also on a monthly salary of K35,000 funded by ZESCO.

Mwanza is already facing isolation and cynicism from senior PF leaders who accuse him of being dishonest and lacking relevance to the party.

Dictator Lungu put Mwanza on a fast track power push for the sole purpose of being a special attack dog against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema because he claimed he knew how best to handle him.

However Mwanza’s insatiable appetite for money and power seems to have taken a heavy toll on his so-called effectiveness and threatens his position in the party as he multiplies his enemies within and outside the PF.

PF youths have never forgiven their senior leaders for going on a fishing expedition outside the Party to source for Mwanza when there were so many of them available for positions. Mwanza is issuing less and less statements now as he seems to have lost steam and trust like in case of Miles Sampa, and many predict his downfall before the end of 2018.


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