Thieving police office in-charge at Luangwa Bridge

A check-point frequently set-up at a market place a kilometre before Luangwa Bridge is positioned solely for the purpose of seat belts.

By law a motorist is supposed to strap a seat belt but there is no law related to seat belts to be strapped in the rear seat. Otherwise even all the passengers travelling in a bus too would be required to strap seat belts.

Inquiries at RATSA revealed that it was not compulsory for passengers in back seats to strap seat belts hence no fine is applied.

The Officer-in-Charge sits by the roadside to pocket the ‘fines’ as her juniors impound and charge innocent victims for no other offence other than not strapping in the back seat. Many a times the impatient motorists are made to wait so long for the receipt that they opt to drive off after parting with KR180 per back seat passenger.

On behalf of victimised motorists I appeal to Central Police Command to stop such extortion by their traffic police thieves at Luangwa Bridge.

Y K (my name be withheld)

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