Things will only improve after 2016, Times of Zambia MD

Times of Zambia Managing Director Godfrey Malama on Wednesday March 19, 2014 admitted that the Patriotic Front government has failed to run the economy.

Meanwhile Times of Zambia unionised employees yesterday temporarily downed tools to protest against non payment of salaries for three months.

Speaking to unionised employees after they protested over delayed salaries, Mr. Malama said operations of the parastatal company were not on the right track owing to a number of factors among them poor economy.

According to a number of sources, Mr. Malama shocked the unionised employees when he said things will only improve after 2016.

“The Managing Director indirectly told us that only the government that will come after 2016 will improve the economy and not the current one. He said I’m not Jesus who can multiply money where do you think will I get the money from? things will only improve after 2016” sources said.

Meanwhile, unionised employees at Times of Zambia the state owned media organisation yesterday downed tools to protest against delayed salaries. The employees have not been paid their salaries for three months now. Management had to come in to fill the gap especially in the Newsroom where even those who were on leave had to be recalled.

“Yes we are protesting against non payment of salaries for three months. How can we survive? They claim to be a pro poor government but can not pay salaries. This is bull shit” one employee told the Zambian Watchdog.

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