Things are not okay at ZANACO since Commission of inquiry

Things are not okay at ZANACO since Commission of inquiry

Zanaco Chirundu branch

Dear Editor,

It is with great sadness that I write to express my disappointment over the delaying to release the ZANACO Commission  Inquiry to the public despite hearing the Minister of Justice saying the report was ready just awaiting State House permission to receive it.

My purpose of writing was to alert the government and the public  that since the establishment of the ZANACO Inquiry things had stopped moving at ZANACO.

Salary negotiations had failed to come to a conclusion until the Union declared a DISPUTE with the management. As am writing management are getting a  new salary this June month end leaving us languishing in poverty while themselves are enjoying.

I know with a dispute and involving lawyers it will take long to conclude the negotiations as a result its staff to suffer and the company service will go down it will affect our hard working customers . Our management through Director- Human resource Chimango and Managing Director  Martin Schouten are adamant that they want to give us K600, 000.00 against the K1.2million we are asking .

To your information the Bank last year gave us  K850, 000.00 as increment but this year where we are doing so well and its promising that more profits will be generated they (management) are offering us the peanut of K600, 000.00 . How possible and is it fair? Please government intervene before it’s too late , we want more money in our pockets. I end here with God`s intervention. Amen

ZANACO Employee

Please do not publish my name for security reasons, this is the news the country need to know.


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