Things Fall Apart in Zambia

What is happening today is exactly what happened to Okonkwo in Umoufia. The same people who were chanting and cheering Okonkwo on are today whispering and hushing from the safety and comfort of their homes and offices; others are busy typing on facebook while Okonkwo is in jail, observes Antonio Mwanza.
Okonkwo lies awake, thinking of his revenge. He hopes Umuofia will wage war on the intruders; if they don’t, he will take action on his own. His anger turns on villagers who want to keep things peaceful instead of facing the need for war, even a “war of blame.”
For the meeting in the marketplace, people come from even the farthest villages, except people who are friendly with the white foreigners. The first man to address the crowd is one of the leaders whom the Commissioner arrested. He calls for the village to take action against the unwanted strangers to rid themselves of the evil the strangers have brought. He admits that the Umuofians may have to fight and kill members of their own clan.
Suddenly, five court messengers approach the group. Okonkwo jumps forward to stop them. The messenger in charge says that the white man has ordered the meeting stopped. Okonkwo takes out his machete and beheads the man, but no one tries to stop the other messengers from escaping. The other clansmen are afraid, and someone asks, “Why did he do it?” Seeing such inaction and fear, Okonkwo cleans his machete on the sand and walks away, realizing that his fellow Umuofians will never go to war.

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