Things were better when Mwape was veep – Dante


Mumbi Phiri’s statement that Republican Vice President Lupando Mwape is politically confused is clear that she paid no attention to the substance he brought when he served as Republican Vice President because her specialisation is trivialising national issues.
Unless Mumbi Phiri is too forgetful or was too young to understand that at the time Republican Vice President Mwape was in office, a loaf of bread costed K3.50 while the exchange rate of a dollar to a Kwacha dropped to K2.90, and inflation dropped to a reasonable proportion.
To date Zambians appreciate the performance of Zambia’s economy during the reign of late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa MHSRIP under which the Vice Republican President, now Ambassador Lupando Mwape served.
Instead of uttering baseless remarks against those joining the United Party for National Development, Mumbi Phiri as deputy Secretary General should sit down engage her brains and find out why people are leaving the ruling Party Patriotic Front which has all the resources and opt to work with an opposition political Party.
Mumbi Phiri’s utterances on Vice Republican President Lupando Mwape clearly indicates that his joining UPND will affect the Patriotic Front because he brings along immerse political experience and credible leadership as exhibited during his tenure of office under the late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa.
“Obviously no one can compare Hon Lupando Mwape to Ms Phiri politically because of his vast experience and the state of the economy when he served as Republican Vice President while Mumbi Phiri has had nothing to offer but baseless remarks.”
It is also shocking that Father Frank Bwalya who failed to serve as a priest and described by his own colleague as being confused could turn and claim a veteran politician with vast experience was a failure.
The two mates honoured Hon Lupando Mwape as a great leader when he worked with President Lungu during the just ended Presidential elections but now call him names because he has officially joined UPND a Party of choice.
“It doesn’t make sense but shows that Hon Mwape’s defection has affected or embarrassed the Patriotic Front because he should have continued working with them,but has moved because he has seen leadership and direction in in UPND.”
President Hakainde Hichilema and the members Are so happy and proud that a man with vast experience has joined the party at the time when Zambia needs a serious leadership with capacity to recover its economy.
Meanwhile Hon Mwape has appealed to Zambians to give a deaf ear to PF’s claim that the economy is on track because the type of life the majority of Zambians have been subjected tell a story.
“Being a democracy am sure you will exercise your right to usher in UPND a party whose leader shares his vision and has the capacity of creating wealth to improve the livelihood of Zambians.” said Mr Mwape

Issued by
Ruth Dante (Ms)
Media Directorimage

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