‘Things will get worse’

I fear for our country, especially the civil servants. Some people think the kwacha depreciation is just a song that with time will not be as popular as is now, like one of Danny or JK songs. This thing is so real and the impact is distressing. Simple logic goes something like this; if say the last 8 to 12 months your net earnings were say K5000 per month, $1 dollar then was around K6.4, your salary was equivalent to $781.25: Now $1 is around K12.3, for you to earn $781.25 at this stage you need to earn a kwacha equivalent of K9609.37 (don’t forget wage freeze too). Other than that, the cost of commodities has gone up exponentially yet your Kwacha earnings have stayed the same. Basically, Everyone’s salary should be increased by 92.19% to maintain you living standards as they were found by the current government. This is without factoring in the increased cost of the basic commodities that every family might not do without. Can someone say if they will be able to get a salary increment of more than 15% anytime soon anywhere in the country with the current situation? Yet even a 30% increase is not good enough. Now think about what worse things might come out of this. 1. Hunger will be on the rise

2. Tempers in home will be on the rise, 3. Crime rate will sky rocket and most of our sister will resort to prostitution leading to high HIV rates. Ill health for the nation. 4. People will fail to dress civilly or decently. 5. Shelter will be very expensive. 6. Japanese used cars will be very expensive to buy now. You could buy a decent car with a K30,000 loan and some change then, but not anymore. 7 Service delivery will be erratic. Every imported item will be expensive This is catastrophic to say the least. Change lies in your hands (voting wisely), each and every one of you can make a difference by choosing right leaders. Choosing right ones starts from councillors, to MP’s and the President him/herself. It is very important to nominate right MP’s at Party level and voting the right ones at constituency level. These MP’s are the ones that end up being our Ministers. Don’t vote for people because they own shops in the community, can talk without fear and everyone knows them, NO it does not make them the right candidates!! Choose someone with good leadership qualities and most importantly must be enlightened with critical thinking mind; Education should be top of the list. Running a country is like running a lot of big companies at once and you will never find, in any of these big companies, someone holding a CEO position yet unqualified, unless he owns it of which he will employ the most qualified guys for the job. And if government is composed of qualified people it becomes a smooth ride for everyone. Catastrophes such as the Dollar saga can easily be avoided with a good team. The biggest problem is that our current government are putting up short term measures for face value in order to secure votes for 2016; an effect that has ended up destabilising everything. Chances are that they might not get those votes because by mid-2016, things will be worse if nothing farsighted is done. That’s just something to reflect on.

Rose Chansa

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