Thinking about the cobra- By Sakwiba Sikota

There are certain things in life which are so sweet that you can never ever get enough of them. I guess we all remember our first taste of honey and other delights. One such sweet thing or delight is the regular diet we were fed on and became accustomed to is that of the lovely and affable Mr. president Michael Sata.

And who can forget those regular warm and very personable updates on His Excellency’s Facebook page? Most sounded like the one, which kept us updated on his movements, posted on the 4th April this year which read, “Good Morning Dear Friends, I have now started off my journey back home after a successful European Union – Africa Summit in Brussels, Belgium. I have left Brussels for Lusaka via Amsterdam. Keep well and enjoy your Weekend. MCS – 04/04/14”

I particularly liked the updates he posted like the one in February this year when he got back from a working holiday in Europe which said, “Back Home (3 photos)

Feels great to be back! There truly no place like home! — at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport – Zambia.”
Alas this trend has not continued on his Facebook page.

They say a taste of honey is worse than none at all because if you have had none you don’t know what you are missing. We have become spoilt by the regular updates from His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata’s Facebook page.

I must admit that in the beginning I was one of those who were skeptical about the effectiveness of Facebook to disseminate information to the Zambian populous. After sometime even the most skeptical were won over by the constant updates we were getting. The President showed that he was as savvy, if not even better, with using the social media networks and technology in general than President Barack Obama.

We all remember Barack Obama even playfully taking a “selfie” of himself with David Cameron and Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at Nelson Mandela’s memorial.

Nobody, save perhaps for Michele Obama, would begrudge Barack indulging himself to a bit of frivolity even at a somber occasion such as the funeral of an icon like Madiba. That is certainly a taste of honey Michele must have prayed Barack did not, and would not, ever get at all.

It would therefore have been perfectly understandable for our President, during his holiday in Israel, to have indulged himself to a little bit of “letting his hair down” by taking some “selfies” at the many historical sites in Isreal that he must have been touring during his two week working holiday break. It would have been interesting to see a shot of President Sata “photo bombing” an official picture of President Shimon Peres posing with his senior dignitaries during the courtesy call he made to the Israeli President; or even seeing a shot of our President, as he often does, playfully putting his hand on Peres’ slightly balding head. These would have made interesting postings to his Facebook page.

We have had a taste of the unexpected and unpredictable humor from the President whether it be about the economic effects that keeping bald heads have on unemployment amongst comb merchants, or whether it is the public continuos assessment of his MPs and ministers.

All I am just trying to say is that I miss the Cobra and do not enjoy the new reclusive Cobra we now have. Our President has changed from the person who posted at Easter, “Happy Easter Dear Friends. MCS- 20/04/14”, to someone who ignored us on Heroes and Unity Day holidays. He has suddenly forgotten his “Dear friends”. It is evident he has had a “makeover”, he is no longer the same.

This is one “makeover” that has disappointed many fans of the Cobra such as I. I, like many, have started missing the weekly, and sometimes bonus daily, episodes featuring the Cobra.

They say a taste of honey is worse than none at all because, if you have had none you don’t know what you are missing. In spite of all this I would rather have lived and tasted a bit of honey than to live and not tasted honey at all.

Thinking about the Cobra I have to disagree with the saying that a taste of honey is worse than none at all.

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