Third term: stop abusing our traditional leaders


By Friday Kashiwa.

As expected, even before concluding all the last funeral rituals and rites, like Isambo lyamfwa for the dead Bill 10, as per our traditions, the PF leadership, led by their party President, who is also the Republican President, are already out and all over the country.

DESTINATION AND MISSION: This time around the PF leadership and membership are out and all over the country to meet and deceive or try to convince mainly our traditional leaders that President Edgar Lungu is eligible to stand in the 2021 elections – For a third term.

To mislead their Royal Highneses that in Zambia, there was a Constitutional Court ruling dealing with or clearing President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility to stand again – for a third term..

Now, one may ask and rightly so, which Constitutional Court ruling is President Lungu and his PF members and their hired and associated surrogates referring to?

All they need to do as PF members, or any of the PF affiliated surrogates from some Halleluya Amen churches, is to thoroughly go through all the Zambian ConCourt rulings.

All is needed by PF and their affiliated one man opposition political parties or the so visibly and evidently hired NGOs, is to clearly state who took Mr Edgar Lungu eligibility case to the ConCourt.. Period.

To clearly state and demostrate to the Royal Highneses the actual contents and context of the alleged ConCourt ruling, specifically stating where the name Edgar Lungu’s eligibility or ineligibility appears in the ConCourt ruling.

As far as Zambians are concerned, Lungu’s eligibility case is yet to come, if at all he so dares to deceive his personal and legal consciousness.

So it is so strange and logically myopic that the President and all his PF leadership and hired surrogates can now start lobbying for third term support from the Chiefs and Head men..

It is so strange and shameful that as a country, we are back again expending our energies and productive time debating the undebatable, like we did during the failed FTJ third term bid.

It is shameful that again we have started and yet to see more of the parading of our Royal Highneses endorsing, ignorantly and probably monetary induced, someone who’s is not constitutionally eligible to stand.

It’s so strange and shameful to mock and parade our respected chiefs to pronounce their endorsements for Mr Lungu to stand in 2021, even when it is evidently clear that Presidential eligibility issues are Constitutional matters and NOT traditional and customary matters.

What is so incredibly ironic and laughable is that the Chiefs being lobbied and paraded today are neither Advocates of the High Court nor do they have any Rights of Audience in any court of law, including the Constitutional Court to sustain their induced endorsements.

Mr President Lungu, our free advise to you is that please don’t underate and underestimate the intelligence of our Royal Highneses.

They may look simple and possibly to you manipulatable, but they are so clever and inherently and traditionally intelligent people.

They know and understand very well that TWICE means TWO times, whether in Chewa, Tumbuka, Bemba, Soli etc.

That Held Office twice and Sworn in twice is a constitutional provision; PERIOD, and hence the whole issue is a closed and non debatable matter:

Whether traditionally or Constitutionally, Mr Lungu, our President General you are NOT illegible to stand, Sir.

Just like during the now dead and buried Bill 10, ZAMBIANS citizens warned you Mr President and your guys in PF to withdraw the Bill from Parliament because it was NOT only a toxic bill but also democratically retrogressive.

The most common narrative and warning those days by the majority of the democratically progressive Zambians who were against Bill 10 was that WINA Azalila.

Indeed it has come to pass that even today you have all left it to Bo Inonge WINA who is still crying inside and outside parliament for Bill 10 death. WINA Azalila.

As Zambians, we are not ready and interested in the

So, Mr President, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, make a bold decision today, just like Fredrick Titus Chiluba did, at right time, right moment.. Forget about your bootlickers.

Announce today that you are not standing, because you are NOT constitutionally illegible to stand.

In that way Mr President, you will not only earn yourself some last minute respect, but you will also leave the much needed space and time for our traditional leaders to concentrate on customary and traditional matters: their mandate.

Friday Kashiwa.
Chibesakunda Royal family.

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