More than 30 Solwezi residents arrested following two separate riots today

More than 30 Solwezi residents have been arrested following the riots that broke-out in Kyawama compound after police vehicle hit and killed a 13-year girl this morning.

Another riot was by the same time taking place in the same town at Solwezi Techical school where pupils rioted against dirty on their premises.

Sources say the residents are tonight mobilizing to release their arrested colleagues because they feel the police have been too brutal with them.

Zambia News and information Service (Zanis) reports that Kyawama compound residents in Solwezi today ran amok and smashed windows at a local police station as they protested over the death of a 13-year-old girl who was hit by a police vehicle.

The protesting residents also smashed windscreens of private vehicles that were packed at the police station.

North Western Province Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Achume confirmed the death of the girl, identified as Lister Kajhilambinga of highland residential area in Kyawama compound.

Mr Achume said the girl was hit by a police vehicle registration number ZP 2164B as she ran across the road while the vehicle was approaching.

The accident happened at 07.50 this morning sparking protests from residents.

The deputy police commissioner said at least six vehicles which were parked at the Kyawama police station had their wind screens smashed.

A ZANIS news crew that rushed to Kyawama compound found the residents had blocked the Independence-Mutanda road with wooden planks and ZESCO poles which they had set on fire.

By pres time, Police were still fighting running battles with residents in a see-saw fashion with a huge crowd of angry residents throwing stones and carrying sticks pushing police backwards at instances while police also retaliated by firing warning live bullets and teargas canisters.

Mr Achume said police are in the process of beefing up its manpower to calm the situation.

At Solwezi Technical School pupils looted nearby shops  and demanded good sanitation and hygiene.

District Education Board Secretary Fredrick Munkini said the supply of water to the school by North Western Water and Sewerage Company has been erratic.

Mr Munkini explained that the problem at the school has been compounded by the power supply outages that Solwezi district has been experiencing in the last few weeks.

‘Fire burning in the one way road is on right now. I have failed to take pictures due to heavy
riots and no vehicle is passing through coming to town from Lumwana-Mwinilunga, Kasempa Mufumbwe road or going out through the same road. The situation is tense,’ said one person caught in the riots.

People also took advantage to even loot some shops saying they had no mealie meal and the PF regime has started killing them deliberately.

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