This could be the end of PF – Given Lubinda

Kabwata MP Given Lubinda says the continued squabbling  by PF leaders may lead to the PF to exit government as the public will support the opposition.

And Lucinda says acting President Guy Scott does not want Edgar Lungu to highjack the PF presidency without seeking full party support.

According to his letter to both acting President Scott and Lungu, Lubinda said the move by members of parliament to endorse the secretary general as the party’s sole candidate for the by-election was suspicious.

“As I have advised you, Mr Lungu, the decision for members of parliament and central committee members to circulate and endorse a list supporting your candidature for the party presidency before central committee set the ground rules may have been well intended. However, this may have led to suspicion by the Guy camp that you are moving to hijack the presidency without seeking full party support. As a result, the Guy camp may now be trying to stop you from using the central committee to shortcut the process…,” read Lubinda’s letter in part.

Lucinda stated that the continued misunderstanding between the two party officials on the modality of selecting a presidential candidate could spell the party’s exit from government. “The choice of facing this reality is behind us and remedial measures cannot be postponed, except at our peril as a government and party,” he noted.

Lubinda stated that acting President Scott’s decision to cancel central committee meetings was creating a lack of open and inclusive debate on the adoption modality, which in the process was increasing the development of further factions within PF. “As I advised you Dr Scott last week, your decision to suspend all Cabinet and party meetings to mourn the late president might have had well-founded intentions; as to allow the nation to focus on the burial, but has resulted in unintended consequences. Mr Lungu’s camp may have justifiably perceived your unilateral decision as a strategic move to consolidate your position and favour the so-called ‘cartel’,” Lubinda stated. He said if unstopped, the impasse in the ruling party would force supporters to opt for an opposition political party. “The potential scenario of one camp publicly using levers of power to remove party opponents would permanently discredit the PF in the eyes of the public and result in them supporting an opposition party. If the above comes to pass, then this is likely to be the end of the party,” said Lubinda.

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