This is how Lungu is using Chato, Kanganja to help rig elections

President Edgar Lungu is using Zambia Prisons Services commissioner general Percy Chato and other weak security personnel to rig elections by allowing prisoners and ex prisoners to vote in the August elections.

Chato and police inspector general Kakoma Kanganja have been asked to compile all the names of deceased officers whose details are being used to obtain registration and voter’s cards for inmates who will later be allowed to vote. This is also another silly rigging directive which army commander General Paul Mihova and his Zambia National Service counterpart Nathan Mulenga have rejected, of course knowing that repercussions may be ghastly to contemplate and wanting the will of the people to prevail.

As per condition of release, the prisons service has details of all pardoned and ex prisoners are and are being enticed with cash to vote for PF and Lungu.

On the deceased officers, their names are being given to serving inmates who are tasked to vote for Lungu in return for a pardon.

Relatives with officers who are dead are encouraged to check for their named in the full revised voters register and prove us wrong.

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