This is how PF rigged Bahati

This is how PF rigged Bahati

This is how PF rigged the elections in Bahati but UPND operatives decided to wait for the Police to act. Which Police? The PF Police headed by Kakoma Kanganja? Ask Kambwili. He knows best.

PF funded issuance of NRC for it’s members

Samfya district commissioner a Mr Chalwe ordered national registration department employees in his district to issue NRC’s of deceased voters on the voters register to PF cadres some of who voted twice.

A civil servant who was caught in the night issuing NRCs to PF cadres who were transported from Mansa said she was just following orders from the DC who is in charge of all departments in the district.

Charity Musonda told UPND chairman Mutale Nalumango, who went to complain about the exercise that is against electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) guidelines during by elections, that she had been out of office on leave and had just reported two days before voting in Bahati when the DC ordered her to issue NRCs to people who had been transported from Mansa.

Two people were caught by alert UPND polling agents using names of known deceased people while the other one was caught for voting twice.

The PF, working with fellow party cadres at ECZ, had placed PF members at strategic points of the voting process to allow people vote twice using their NRCs and for the deceased.

The mobile registration exercise was not announced to all citizens or political parties that were taking part in the election and were conducted in the three districts of Samfya, Chembe and Mwense.

Sources at the provincial registration office said the department had NP reaourcwa for the exercise by the PF as a party funded it.221D6222-C996-46C8-BBC9-FCFF7E33ABFB

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