This is how PF rigged Bahati

This is how PF rigged Bahati

This is how PF rigged the elections in Bahati but UPND operatives decided to wait for the Police to act. Which Police? The PF Police headed by Kakoma Kanganja? Ask Kambwili. He knows best.

PF funded issuance of NRC for it’s members

Samfya district commissioner a Mr Chalwe ordered national registration department employees in his district to issue NRC’s of deceased voters on the voters register to PF cadres some of who voted twice.

A civil servant who was caught in the night issuing NRCs to PF cadres who were transported from Mansa said she was just following orders from the DC who is in charge of all departments in the district.

Charity Musonda told UPND chairman Mutale Nalumango, who went to complain about the exercise that is against electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) guidelines during by elections, that she had been out of office on leave and had just reported two days before voting in Bahati when the DC ordered her to issue NRCs to people who had been transported from Mansa.

Two people were caught by alert UPND polling agents using names of known deceased people while the other one was caught for voting twice.

The PF, working with fellow party cadres at ECZ, had placed PF members at strategic points of the voting process to allow people vote twice using their NRCs and for the deceased.

The mobile registration exercise was not announced to all citizens or political parties that were taking part in the election and were conducted in the three districts of Samfya, Chembe and Mwense.

Sources at the provincial registration office said the department had NP reaourcwa for the exercise by the PF as a party funded it.221D6222-C996-46C8-BBC9-FCFF7E33ABFB

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    concerned citizen 2 days ago

    please zambians don’t ever insult Bemba’s and Ngoni’s,these people never created politics but the fact is that they have made a majority in Zambia.

  • comment-avatar
    David King 2 days ago

    The claims are not holding water; supposing they did not issue NRCs, do you think UPND could have won with their 2000 votes? By the way, how do NRCs work without VRCs? You reported here that they fraud stars scampered, abandoning the Registration equipment, without capturing the equipment to show your readers the photos.
    Can you tell the opposition for once that they lost because they did not do a good job during campaign; that way you will help them to work hard.

  • comment-avatar
    mubanga 2 days ago

    you are all stupid, your brains are rotten or is it because you are bembas and nyanjas stupid idiots, all you think about is tribalism, when it comes to southern its tribalism when it is in luapula or chipata its called PF strong hood, mwembwa mwe, if you can only open you eyes and see how they are failing to pay our salaries you were not going to open your stinking mouth and comment stupid things, why should someone give NRCs at night, for what reasons? its only that zambians are cowards if this was in south africa the so called DC and his team were going to be buried that same day, bupuba kufwayafye paka mwikatilile kuteke ichalo nangula abantu talemifwaya,

  • comment-avatar
    triple t 3 days ago

    am not into politics but l can not believe in the news published by the watchdog. only fools can believe that. the margin was just to big and if they rigged in some point still pf was going to dog look for political analysers to help you analyse bahati results before publishing baseless and premature information.

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    pk chishala the legend 3 days ago

    Watchdog please if you don’t have real news write something about machende yenu and hh or about the song of pilato titled machende yesu than bringing fake stories like the one above.

  • comment-avatar
    voice of voiceless 3 days ago

    Watchdog-upnd alliance naipenafye by bringing fake news, Watchdog tonga man is a crying baby like tonga man hh.

  • comment-avatar
    frank talk 3 days ago

    bahat in luapula is a strong hood of pf from the time pf was in the opposition upto now and any one can check records of results of all the elections that took place in bahat on google,there was no rigging and the tonga party upnd was just beaten with pants down by pf in a free and fair manner.

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    tribalism by watchdog and upnd 3 days ago

    This is again a fake story by upnd media team called the zambian watchdog ,the biggest problem with this watchdog is that the owner or the one in charge of this watchdog is a tonga by tribe and he believes in tribalism so much just like hh so he makes sure to create fake news, propagandas and accusations on his watchdog media in favour of the tonga party the upnd and the master of tribalism hh and this guy hh is just there smiling when he looks at thise fake news, bahat in luapula is a strong hood of pf (just like dundumwezi in southern province is a strong hood of ka upnd) from the time pf was in opposition upto now so it is very wrong and senseless for the watchdog and hh with the tails between their legs to think that when pf wins then it is through rigging. The watchdog think upnd is the heaven on earth hand hh is the small god who can solve all the problems if they form government in dundumwezi. Watchdog stop making fake news you idiots,your role as a media is to teach inform and entertain and not to bring civil war through your propagandas and look for the educated journalist not upnd caders as journalist of watchdog.