This is how PF will bulldoze bill 10 through Parliament

This is how PF will bulldoze bill 10 through Parliament


????????Currently PF does not have the number of MPs required to pass this immoral and disgusting bill in parliament

???????? To gain the numbers, some UPND MPs will be suspended while others will be conveniently absent from parliament on the most crucial days including the day of voting. They will be sent shopping by PF or they will be told to malinger, that is , feign illness.

????????The so called ‘Independent’ MPs will be bribed to vote with PF

* During his last press conference at State house, President Edgar Lungu was asked about this bill
that seeks to mutilate the constitution. His answer was that, those who oppose it will be left behind. ‘ we have the numbers’ to pass it through Parliament.

The Constitutional Amendment Bill 10 of 2019 if passed into law will turn Zambia into a constitutional dictatorship. Zambia is already a dictatorship but this proposed law will legalise dictatorship and official theft of public resources. Ministers will be allowed to do as they please with our resources without anyone checking them.

For Example, Parliament would not be dissolved ahead of an election allowing Ministers and Deputy Ministers to use public money to campaign.

Parliament would have no say in debt contraction, the Bank of Zambia would have no control over monetary policy (Cabinet can begin to print money with no central bank.

Deputy Members will be increased when their only job is to receive salaries and duplicate the work of ministers. These are merely jobs for PF cadres but serve no useful purpose.

Even the Commonwealth Lawyers Association has condemned Bill 10 of Zambia.

The Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) says most of the provisions of the Bill, if passed into law, would undermine important elements of the country’s constitutional foundations. Zambia is a member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association.

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