This is how PF will waste public money

While failing to pay teachers who marked exams last year, students in universities; while failing to pay poor people who were engaged for the mobile registration and while struggling to pay civil servants, the PF is using tax-payers money to bribe would be voters with expensive campaign materials.

The PF has further failed to pay road contractors all over the country and oil suppliers have also not been paid but we are using borrowed oil.

The PF says it has hired ten helicopters and will distribute 8 million units of party regalia over the next few days. Why didn’t the PF distribute medicines to rural health centers last year if they have such money and capacity?

The PF Secretariat says the party has already dispatched four 4×4 campaign vehicles to each of the 155 constituencies. Why didn’t government give doctors these vehicles to visit patients who walk hundreds of killomters to access medication? Oh, we know, the idea is to cheat people. But Zambians are not stupid. Ask Rupiah.

Each ward has received two motorbikes and ten bicycles while each constituency has 5 volumes of the so called development documentaries explaining national, provincial and constituency successes and future plans. This is exactly what Rupiah Banda did it 2011 when he ordered ZESCO to give free electricity to compounds in Lusaka.

About 20 billboards have been dispatched to each constituency with 10,000 posters, 50,000 fliers and 5000 stickers which will be going up in the next few days. We are sure our pupils will benefit from studying these billboards and stickers since there are no libraries in our schools and where there are schools, there are no books. So well done PF. This is why you were elected to do using our money.

Using public funds, the PF says it will also deploy a vigorous door to door strategy using 300 foot soldiers in each constituency who will be trained and fully equipped with campaign materials. Indeed, telling lies, bribing and intimidating people. Why not send foot soldiers to teach people about the dangerous of corruption, adultery, gambling, alcoholism and other social menaces?

ZWD advice to opposition members: get the free material and money being provided by PF. Since and due to the poverty caused by PF, many people can hardly afford even salaula, send these clothes to your relatives in villages. But remember to vote for the candidate of your choice. The clothes and money the PF is giving you has been stolen from the public bank account. It has been diverted from the money that was supposed to used to buy medicine in hospitals, desks for your children in schools, fertilizer etc…

You do not owe the PF anything. They re giving you what already belongs to you.

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