This is my view on presidential petition


By Bruce Bwalya

Surely, why agreeing to the idea of 15th/16th March? Even 15th/16 February was still going to be too much!!!!

There are matters that need urgency when dealing with them and this is one of them.

To make matters worse, I hear the date will be for hearing of Attorney General’s application in which he seeks the court to dismiss the UPND petition!

All I see here is, after hearing the AG’s application, the judge will again set 1st June 2017 as the date for ruling in the matter and incase the AG representating Lungu loses (which is unlikely), then the judge will again set 10th August for commencement of hearing in the matter in which the UPND are fighting for their rights to be heard.

When that time comes, the court will fool us that the matter will be in open court for anyone willing to attend to do so…..
As UPND supporters will be going there, the PF Police will do what they are good at (provoking the UPND supporters) so that once they react, what happened last time will repeat itself. They will again halt the proceedings and resume them on 4th January 2018.

On the same date (4th January 2018), I foresee the PF judges, Lungu’s Lawyers and the UPND Lawyers going into chambers to set a later date (maybe 1st March 2018) for commencement of hearing the UPND application of ‘Rights to be heard’ and now they will say it will be done in chambers.

After hearing the matter which will take almost a week, the PF judge will then set 3rd May 2018 as the date for ruling in the matter.

Here I foresee a judgment in favour of UPND (That their rights to be heard were violated by the Constitutional Court and that the petition should go back to the Concourt for hearing).
The Constitutional Court will then tell the UPND to resubmit their petition by December 2018.

As that will be done, the PF also will be appealing to the supreme court against the High Court’s judgment which they will call “Unfair Judgment”. That will lead to the Constitutional Court halting the hearing until the PF’s appeal is concluded in the Supreme court.

The Supreme Court case will go up to August 2019 and the judgment will be in favour of the UPND saying the Presidential Petition in the Constitutional Court should go ahead and be heard.

At this stage, the court will not set any date and the UPND will be left wondering for some weeks before going back to the court to ask about the date for the commencement of the petition in the Concourt.

The Constitutional Court will then set January 2020 for the day to meet both parties’ representatives to come up with a date for commencement of the hearing of the Petition.

The Constitutional Court, PF and UPND will agree to commence the hearing in September 2020 and that it will be determined in 3 months. This will take us to late December 2020.

In the same December 2020, the Concourt will rule that the ECZ were the ones at fault and the elections were not free and fair.
They (the Concourt) will then direct the ECZ to set a date for fresh elections.

The ECZ will then set May 2021 as the month for commencement of campaigns and that elections will be held on August 12, 2021.

Bye! Until then! I will not say anything.


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