This is one of the Nigerian ‘prophets’ hired by PF to proclaim victory for Lungu

12963510_1132961653421250_4660060137101877703_nBLASPHEMY BLASPHEMY BLASPHEMY…

When desperation reaches it’s peak, a human being can do ANYTHING for their way to be clear. What we are about to see by the PF is a direct insult to Jehovah and Jesus Christ…a direct mockery to the Almighty…but as usual, Zambians will be swayed.

Just because Zambians believe anything as long as the name of “God” is attached to that sentence, even without asking which god is being called upon, the PF have decided to take advantage of this weakness to dupe many Zambians…and they will deceive many indeed.

The PF have lined up a lot of Local “Prophets” whose job is to “prophesy” that God, Jehovah, the Lion of Judah, has picked on Edgar Lungu to continue leading Zambia. They have also gone far and wide into foreign lands to call upon some “prophets” to come to Zambia to do the same.

They failed to get TB Joshua, so Frank Bwalya drafted a fake prophecy seemingly coming from TB Joshua, it made some rounds last week but has since died off. But they have managed to bribe another “prophet” with a similar name, Joshua Iginla, to come to Zambia to prophesy that Lungu is the Chosen one.

On 10th May, Joshua will be at Heroes Stadium seemingly praying and talking to God and he will say to Zambians that God has revealed to him that we stick to Lungu. On the 11th, the following day, he will move to Govt. Complex to do some more opposition denouncing. We understand that some of you are keen followers of the “man of God” but unfortunately every man has a price and this time it is Iginla…so sad!

Mathew 24: 11…”And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive MANY.”

Mathew 24: 24…”For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the VERY ELECT.”

The plans to deceive many are stemming right from Statehouse, spearheaded by one Kaizer Zulu, who happens to be Lungu’s “Political” adviser, and to him it is wisdom to cheat Zambians in this manner.

They also plan to start that Propaganda about HH being a Satanist, also start the Tribalism trash talk though they will be cautious on tribalism as it has not worked too well for them lately.

We are yet to see Drama in Zambia, but we have warned you in advance…when you see these things happening, remember this article.

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