This is the most dormant MP in Zambia

This is the most dormant MP in Zambia


Let me register my disappointment in Kapoche Member of Parliament Charles Banda who is also tourism minister. This MP is irritating and I wonder why he is hiding in Lusaka and never visits his constituency.

The most irritating part is that 90% of his constituency has no communication network. If you take a survey, only Nyanje and surrounding area has network and it’s because of the RCZ Church who brought the network because of their hospital (Nyanje mission hospital) and Nyanje Day Secondary.

One can wonder why this minister is failing to tell his counterpart minister of communication to take even Zamtel network to his constituency. I mean this minister is a total joke. As a person holding a senior government position, can you fail to lobby network for your people if you’re really serious? The last time he visited his constituency was in 2017, ask him if he was able to communicate with anyone?

Not only failing to lobby for network, he has lamentably failed in all the areas; building of clinics, roads, community schools rehabilitation etc. When he comes to Eastern Province, he only visits his wife who is a teacher at a certain school in Sinda district.

Even his own PF will not adopt him in 2021 because of his poor performance.

Let Charles Banda wake up from slumber and save his people especially on the issue of network. At the moment he’s the worst performing MP is Zambia if not in the world.

Charles Banda is the Baboon in the photo below:

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