This is the worst phase of journalism in Southern Africa

By Jacob Haangala

This is the worst phase  in journalism in southern Africa. Notable news media have embarked on the vicious trail of misinformation.

One best attribute of a journalist is to have acquired a distinction in history. A mind that is fertile with a rich bank of African and World history is in the best position to analyse world and African events objectively.

Apparently some African journalists and the political leaders that they purport to support hate  history.

Not a long time ago, many sections of Western media were bent on misinforming the world that South Africa was not capable of hosting the World Cup.

They even propagated an inconcievable idea of terrorist attacks in the hope of casting a dark cloud on South Africa and the African continent. But history tells us that Arab and African bonds are strong in many positive ways. So far all is well in South Africa.

It is a pity that persons of Kaitira Kandjii [MISA regional director based in Namibia]  mentality choose to protect the misdeeds of their imperialists-sponsonored news media by blaming their own countries’ judiciary.

Theoretically, MISA is expected to champion all aspects of human rights. Yet it is fine for MISA when Court judgements are pronounced in favour of their favoured clients.

But when M’membe went flat out to insult his selected imagined foes and broke the legal Court processes with impunity, MISA preferred to burry their heads in the sand and pretended that flushing of insults on innocent souls and the judiciary is perfeclty normal.

A clique of international media – including MISA – have been publishing a barrage of misinformation that potray that Africa cannot achieve progress in all aspects of human endeavours. It is sad that each time the Post criticises Govts, the paper does so in the hope of seeking favourable approval from foreign governments.

MISA should have critically examined the faculty of Fred M’membe’s mind-set to arrive at balanced and fair conclussions.

Fair-minded journalists should have cautiously analysed what prompts The Post to publish Arcbishop Mpundu to attack laymen in his “unpastoral” outbursts to the effect of pronouncing that “Edward Mumbi, Charles Chimumbwa and Edwin Lifwekelo are strange bed fellows with little known freedom-fighter, one Ngoma”.

Such outbursts will surely link Archbishop Mpundu to PF Party with the consequence of polarising the membership within the Catholic Church. Archbishop Mpundu is certainly playing a “Sunka-Mulamu” role to protect his brother-in-law Sata, the Mwakyusa from Tanzania.

In Zimbabwe, a Catholic Bishop in Bulawayo opposed everything that had to do with President Mugabe. It was the shock revelations when the same Bishop was caught red-handed having an affair with someone’s wife that sent this “Man of God” into oblivion.

In a Malawian district south of Blantyre a Catholic Priest has recently been found to have messed up a legal marriage – yet the Vatican is silent about it.

We are yet to know what propels the minds of the Catholic clergy called Mpundu & Frank Bwalya in their private lives outside their pastoral robes. The Post has always portrayed Archbishop Mpundu and Bwalya as angels to grace the PF party.

Here is a challenge for MISA, and The Post which  flags itself to dig deeper. In 1971 a Dr. Drew who was married with 2 children (boy & girl) was a neighbour of the Late Lawyer Shamwana, in the Manda Hill residential area. A fellow Irish man, and a Catholic Jesuit called Father C. Reilly used to visit Dr. Drew’s home as a family friend. Both Dr. Drew and Father Reilly were Irish lecturers at UNZA. One day Dr. Drew was shocked to find Father Reilly committing adultery with his wife and Dr Drew was forced to commit suicide by taking cyanide.

This event took place in the neighborhood of the late Shamwana in Manda Hill area.

Father Reilly opted to marry Mrs. Drew and left the country thereafter. Besides, Father Reilly used to be a Teacher in our home district of Monze before he moved to UNZA.

If The Post claims to dig deeper, here is a challenge to verify this sad event. The African media must grow up to report independently and objectively without being influenced by foreign media houses that thrive on twisting facts.

Remember Zambia is your only home.

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