This is what causing commodity prices to increase

This is what causing commodity prices to increase

The skyrocketing prices of commodities is attributable to the unstable exchange rates and not the alleged conspiracy theories as advanced and asserted by the government.

Secondly the reckless politically inclined and uncoordinated ongoing empowerment programs are further inducing hyperinflation through the reckless pumping-in of money in the economy that is not supported by any means of production.

As a consequence to all these activities, it is to be expected that the commodity prices would go up.

In all this, the true victims of these desperate political manoeuvres and activities are the ordinary people who ultimately are paying high prices for the goods.

The overwhelming majority of our people are the victims rather than the beneficiaries of these PF random empowerment programs.

As the famous scientist Isaac Newton had established in science that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

“Surly you did not expect that these huge sums of money would have no effect on the prices of the essential goods.”

The high prices were to be expected as the huge sums of money being distributed by political functionaries is inducing inflation. No nation on earth can survive with this kind of high level of corruption in government that we are witnessing.

Literally hordes of PF party cadres are running around with huge sums of money in plastic bags for distribution.

This is exactly what is causing the distortion in the economy and forcing goods to be fetching high prices.

We urge this government to address this lawlessness before the economy completely collapses.
Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC

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