This time we will make HH die in prison – Antonio Mwanza

This time we will make HH die in prison – Antonio Mwanza

“If HH continues being seditious in his statements we will not give him 127 days he got last time, but will die in Prison”

Antonio Mwanza – PF Deputy Media Director

But this is what the same Antonio Mwanza wrote on 11 August 2017:

In case you have forgotten, HH was arrested for a traffic offence of obstructing the Presidential motorcade. When the matter came up in court the State FAILED to prosecute the matter and instead opted to enter a Nolle Prosequi. So just to set the record straight the reason why HH is still incarcerated has NOTHING to do with the reason he was initially arrested for, that is, the Mongu traffic debacle.
So why is he still incarcerated? Your guess is as good as mine but one thing is a fact for sure: The PF Government is hell burnt at using and abusing state institutions such as the police, ACC and the judiciary to sort out their political enemies, real or perceived. They will stop at nothing to cage and silence anyone who is holding them to account for their actions.
I have heard some narrow minded folks praising President Lungu for “allowing” certain individuals such as the Catholic Bishops and other notables to visit HH in prison. Really!!! Why should the President be the one to authorise who sees HH? Issues to deal with who visits or not visit a suspect fall under the ambit of the Courts and the prison authorities. And the last I checked I found that President Lungu is neither the Court nor a Commissioner of Prisons, let alone a prison warder, so why is he the one authorising visitations?
Why is HH being treated like a convicted criminal when the man is innocent until proven otherwise by a competent court of law? They want to break the man; they want to break his spirit, compromise his health and literally destroy his life.
We have seen so many people whose lives have been destroyed by the System, through systematic, incarcerations, Dean Mung’omba, Musakanya, Captain Solo, Archie and the least goes on and on.
Mukobeko prison is a hell of a place for any human being. It was meant for condemned hardcore criminals. It is not a reformatory facility as some semantics suggest, no, it is a hole, a chiller that is meant to punish and not to reform a prisoner.
It is clear that PF’s strategy is to instill fear in the citizens, fear of arrest, fear of losing friends and contacts, fear of losing business, fear of losing a job, fear, fear, fear and more fear.
But why should a government resort to threats, arrests and intimidation in dealing with those that doesn’t agree with it? That is exactly what happens when a party in power or a government has failed to provide leadership. When power is placed in wrong hands what follows is abuse of state institutions, corruption, theft, massive unemployment, widespread poverty, squalor and destitution and of course violence, arbitrary arrests and even extra judicial killings.
They have caged HH to not only slow him or eliminate him from the political scene but to send a chill and a signal to everyone, especially his supporters that if you do or say anything you shall brutally be dealt with.
What conforts some of us is the fact that no matter what they may try to do to silence us, they can’t kill the spirit. Good will always triumph over evil.
Now they have blocked the media from covering HH’s Trial because of the traction it is gaining internationally and for fear of the embarrassment his captors are likely to suffer at the hands of one Berbeto aka Keith Mweemba and company. They now don’t know how to deal with HH’s case since it is abundantly clear that “evidence” against the man iliko rather.
It is wrong and cruel to use state machinery to punish, fix or sort out your political opponents. Power should not be used to settle political scores or to steal from your people. Power must be used to provide solutions to your people.
As for HH, our hearts and thoughts are with you. Today it is you, tomorrow it could me or Chanda or Joseph. ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIO ACETE.
Antonio Mwanza

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