Those who kill by the sword


The continued raping of the post Newspaper through liquidation is a sad national tragedy. The post owed ZRA, DBZ and other institutions money’s. The Post had the capacity to pay back so solutions were at hand . Post had started paying back. ZRA refused to reconcile the figures up to date they have not told the nation how much the post owes ZRA.

The post closure is purely political. How much more do other institutions like Daily mail owe yet have not been closed? Free press is an enemy of dictators as no single dictator world over has ever kept a free press because it reports their evil acts.

We are not supporting the post because they covered us but because we believe an amicable way would have been found to compress Post to pay. The post was not refusing to dialogue with ZRA.
How much tax has government lost by closing post and how many people have they subjected to suffering by being jobless?
Take the issue of Greece which failed to pay off the loan to World Bank several times but due to dialogue there has been always a way to bail out Greece and progress has been made in this regard.

Even in a home if dialogue is not promoted, certainly that home breaks you end up hearing divorce or separation. Abuse of state institutions and machinery for personal gain is not power at all. Institutions remain while people go.

This crooked machinations by PF is aimed at concealing thieving in government as no other media will report them. Remember Edgar s words that no one can fight him as he has state machines and that he can crush any one ? What is he without state machinery?

How much trillions of dollars has been stolen by Edgar and his minions? How much millions Kwachas has been embezzled by PF and government officials as reviewed by Auditor general? Is this not money worth recovering but why has it not been recovered ? How much of our Maize has been stolen by PF and the nation stands aloof? Shady deals e.g. the ZNBC transaction are done in secrecy and no media dare questions?

This criminal wants to run away from justice by withdrawing from ICC. PF days are numbered. These acts on the post will in no time be on them. Six months will soon erupt and these PF minions will not be in power. Corruptly obtained power corrupts and does not last long.

Zambia and world will witness change of regime six months down the line soon and very soon.
All this corrupt governing will end.

The economy will be fixed and life will become bearable for all.

HH/GBM/UPND will fix it.

The fixing team.


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