People wishing to destabilise UPND through fake FB page must try their pangas elsewhere- Nkombo

I have been on tour of duty for my party UPND and my country within and outside Zambia the past two months.

I have recently been alerted of the existence of a fake facebook page that has been created in my name purporting that I want to take over the presidency of the UPND with immediate effect.

I want to assure our supporters across the country that that is a total hoax and clearly work of some of our enemies who we know are facing serious leadership wrangles in their party and now want to transfer the same hate and anarchy to our peaceful party the UPND.

It is clear that some of our competitors have no idea how the UPND operates for it to have remained the most stable political organization in the country at the moment.

Yes we may have our own challenges as a political grouping with diverse views, but our strength over the years has been on how our leader Hakainde Hichilema, with his team has managed to amicably resolve issues quietly.

This is unlike what obtains in other political parties where people resort to carrying coffins, machets, pangas, and all sorts of violent instruments against each other as a way of resolving their internal differences.

Those desperate enemies behind that fake facebook page, I say try your luck elsewhere as I am not that cheap to resort to such anarchy against my party president Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

We in UPND, the struggle to serve the Zambian people from the PF’s mediocrity continues until we deliver Mr. Hichilema to State House in 2016 when people will experience what visionary leadership looks like.

As Zambians, lets learn to differ on principles than resorting to hate and spiteful actions against each other as such actions do not develop societies but form the core of destruction.

I wish to borrow the words of Martin Luther King Jr, who once said: “this virus of hate that has seeped into the veins of our nation, if unchecked, will lead inevitably to our moral and spiritual doom”.

God bless you all.

Gary Nkombo

Mazabuka Central MP

UPND Chairperson for Energy and Chief Whip

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